I am a massive Liam Neeson fan. Massive. So naturally I had to see Taken 2 as soon as it came out. Five of us braved the torrential rain on Friday night to see Mr Neeson in action once again. Taken will always be one of my favourite films and tbh I was a little apprehensive as to whether it would be a good as the first. It was. Action packed from the start, I loved every minute. We ran to the pub once it had finished (because it was raining, not because we're alcoholics) where I begged the bouncer to let me wee in a urinal as the ladies were out of action. Not one of my finest moments I can assure you. I ended up a complete mess despite 'only going for one'. When will I learn?

So Saturday, I dragged my incredibly hungover self out of bed into the shower, threw on some clothes and set off to meet a beautiful bunch of bloggers. After picking up a (large) coke in KFC, I hopped on a train to Liverpool Street and then decided it might be a good idea to find out where we were actually meeting. I tweeted Emma, the arranger of the meet, who told me the best station to get off was Piccadilly Circus, not Oxford Circus as I had thought. As someone who has little knowledge of London, I did start to panic a bit as I now had no idea where to go. Turns out it's quite easy to navigate the underground. I arrived ten minutes late after walking around following the little blue dot on google maps. What did we do before google, honestly?

The meet was held at The Warwick pub which I thought was the perfect setting for lunchtime cocktails, very satc. I walked in to be greeted by Emma, Sophie and Julie. Having spoken to Emma for over a year, it was so nice to finally meet her. Especially as she's jetting off to Australia as well! At first, I thought it was just the four of us until Emma took us downstairs where a disgustingly beautiful (and très stylish) group of bloggers were sat gossiping. We each had name tags and were given a Lush goodie bag which was a lovely surprise.

We spent the afternoon discussing blogging, bad outfits, travelling and beauty tips (to name just a few of the topics covered). Having spent the previous weekend with three guys playing Fifa, the afternoon could not have been more needed. The girls (& guy!) were all so lovely and everyone was so friendly. I think there's been talk on twitter of a Christmas meet so hopefully, if I'm not in Thailand, I'll be able to go to that too. I'd love to be able to leave links to everyone but I'm posting from my phone en route to my second rabies jab, sorry! You can find links to everyone on Emmas blog here :

After cocktails with the bloggers, I met my non-blogging girls for a wild night of takeaway, snacks, wine and girly films. The first, and probably best, sleepover since I was 14. Well, girly sleepover anyway. After stuffing our faces til we couldn't move, singing along to The Sweetest Thing (if you don't know the 'You're Too Big' song, you're missing out) and menacing the home owners boyfriend and friends (after they'd passed out in bed together, d'aww), we slipped into a wine induced coma in the living room. Perfect.

I woke up Sunday morning, more tired than before I'd fallen asleep, and set off home to get ready to meet my mate for a cosy pub lunch. Well I had lunch, he didn't. Then we went back to mine so he could watch Taken as he hadn't seen it. I think I managed to see the first five minutes before falling asleep. Perfect host me.

All in all an exhausting but perfect weekend.

(Some of the photos have been stolen from Emma [the beaut blonde one in the picture with me..] the Instagram ones are my own. The tan bag, not so. I can't edit or label the pics cuz I'm using the blogger app which is proving to be less than helpful.)

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